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My day today
So  I bought my binder and page protectors at Office Depot and have already placed some printed off patterns in there. I need to redo the tabs I already had so they are in sections and such.  I actually, but most likely not, will be

We also ran to two stores and bought some hazelnuts for D and found my curry paste. We also ran out to a mall and picked up some things at Dollarama and a new tape measure for D at Home Depot.

I made the Turkey Biryani and either didnt do it right or what but I wasnt too thrilled with it...I will get it eaten up though so I'm not wasting food.

Watched a movie and we'll relax for the rest of the night..I will most likely pass out soon though as I'm tired and a bit bored. At least this will give D more internet time:)

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i've tried several biryani recipes and never had much luck with any of them
i'd love to find a good recipe for one as i always enjoy it when i have it at a restaurant

hi! seasons greetings

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