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And presents were given..and recieved:)
I went over this afternoon to give the older boys their xmas gifts.  The 3year old was napping the 5 year old, Natty, LOVED his snake scarf so I was very happy about that:)   Jodi loved her headwarmer and the runners one I knitted up for her husband,,that runs lol 
She also peeked at Isaacs Pink snake scarf and thought it was adorable.   

Their gift to me was awesome and very thoughtful indeed:)  : 50$ cash so D and I can do something together PLUS 50$ GC to my favorite LYS!  Plus a mix cd the family did of their favorite music for 2008 and some pictures of the boys and a yearly family letter they do.  

I also got Bonnie at the LYS a Tim Hortons GC as she has been helpful with the knitting stuff too.    

Now I'm making Thai food as its chilly and I'm hungry for warm comfort food:)   Yum!!

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(Deleted comment)
Yep between that and the elann one you gave me I will be in yarny goodness:)

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Sweet!! And what did you get? Inquiring minds need to know:)

(Deleted comment)
Well that sucks..sorry to hear that:(

(Deleted comment)
LOL Wanker On:) I dont mind..besides...well never mind...I said too much already:p

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