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Capelet Revisted
So under this lovely LJ cut is the patter I'm using for my capelet:) and the yarn too


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...that's cute...I could see it with a blousy thing underneath too...

Thank you:)

I normally wouldnt wear something like that but its for my hubbys works xmas party and its a fancy place and I want to look good for him:) Plus I hope I can use for other outings and occasions too:)

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the picture is but I couldnt find the actual pattern. If you are intersted i can scan and email:)

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Me is why I really surprised myself by wanting to make one:)

Honestly..I just want the ladies at the party to ooo and ahhh and ask me where i bought it and I can say " I made it myself " lol

plus it will look good with the skirt I'm getting:D

(Deleted comment)
Sweet..I cant wait to see it when its finished too:)

I love that yarn. :D I've got yarn for days but I'm so sick of the colors and thinness. I want some chunk!

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