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Its a Scarey thing
I just started my Yarn/knitting wishlist and so far I need a gajillion dollars to fund it...LOL Okay not that much but I can see that I clearly have a yen for "Artisan Yarn" as most of my wishlist if courtesy of Sanguine Gryphon so I guess sometime in the next two years I will have a 100 shawls/scarves/cowls and better start learning how to knits socks too:)  I think the most affordable items on my list are the Cascade 220 Wools for other things plus a nice scarf or ear/head/muff thing for D for winter( I'm not sure what it is specifically called)  

My head still hurts but we had a great breakfast and its Philly Fiona cheesesteaks for dinner tonight with Fries:)  

I'm off to play Pogo!

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(Deleted comment)
LOL...I think that may end up being my route..I'm trying to keep it reined in though due to limited $$ but then I see the fantastic colours and imagine what the yarn feels like then next thing you know I'm pawning the cat;) I have some on hold though and I will pick it up this week so hopefully that will satisfy me for awhile and I can get these other projects finished.

No promises

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