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Deep Fried Mars Bar and Other Delights:)
I had a pretty good day and I hope tomorrow will be a good one too as it will be my first day with the baby. 

We went next door tonight for Fish & Chips.  D and I shared a 3-piece cod meal and for dessert we tried the deep friend Mars Bar  OMG !! It was so good and rich and like a party in my mouth:)  So now I"m stuffed but happy.

I also went by the yarn store today to pay for yesterdays purchases and of course I now have her holding 4 skeins of yarn for me until next week.  One Skein will be for a cowl and the other three are undecided.  She didn't have the circulars I  needed so I have that on my list for one I go to MIchaels or another LYS in the area.
Oh two of the yarns are I picked up are the Araucania Nature Wool Yarns. One is shades or green and I cant remember the other..I was it was a deep

She also had some nice Briggs & Little and Cascade but I resisted:) Somehow that

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I totally want to try one!

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