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Its all good until someone Pisses on your parade
Ok the subject has nothing to do with the entry but I really liked it:)  Ok I'm only slightly a knitting idiot I was doing the single cast on but wasn't holding the yarn or the needle the way they were in the videos and the books I as looking at...Regardless because of my freak out I learned the long tail cast on today so I guess all in all its a good thing!!

So tomorrow I have to tend to my poorly neglected apartment. Its a shambles, and I mean that literally its always like that my first week of work because I'm usually too tired to do much more than come home, eat, pet the kitty, go on the computer and go to bed.

I also got paid today so I need to run to the bank tomorrow too and figure out how the hell I'm going to stretch 105$ until next Wednesday (not going to list things i have to get but there are a few can compromise things )

I need to go now and watch the second half of episode of Bones online. Sorry I didnt review True Blood or 90210 yet but I will

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Brilliant news about the long tail cast on method :)

I am up because I am in agony tonight. Everyone else except Pat is asleep.

What are you up to?

((( hugs )))

H x

I'm making making like broccoli and vegging out on the recliner:) I'm also online ::waving:: D is coming home but not until later tonight so I will have the laptop to myself for a couple more hours at least:)
I wish you were feeling better:( I get so worried about you!

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