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It will be a Quiet Night Tonight
I love it when D is out of town. I dont have to talk if I dont want to or I can talk to Willow.  I eat whatever I want and have the whole bed to myself too:)  So tonight I will have dinner, do up some dishes and knit and watch something on the computer.  

The older boy wasn't well today so he didn't eat much, didn't want a snack and had a bit of a "my space your space" attitude. No worrys from me if you want to be left alone I can do that quite nicely:)

I was also pissed that this morning I had my bag all packed with everything I needed including the laptop and then forgot my knitting:( Poop!   So I need to get more done tonight.

Also while I was waiting for them this morning I went to the LYS not even a block from there house and found some nice size 17 needles I'm getting next week and some really nice Manos Del Uruguary yarn I will get if they can wind it into balls for me. I need a good colour too as I think I will use that for my mom Holiday scarf instead of the Berroco which I dont want to SHARE at all:) 

These are the two Manos colours I'm deciding upon for the scarf

Ok so I'm attracted to darker


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