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A Pretty Good Morning So Far::Fingers Crossed::
Had to get up because I was being semi-smothered by a kitty who claimed "She was just cold" so I got up and checked my email and the status of my book order. 

About 30 minutes ago a nice lady form Canada Post delivered my books:) YEA!!  I also paid for my Berroco yarn on eBay. We really couldn't afford but I won it and it was a sweet deal so I will manage somehow for two weeks.   2 skeins of that will go to making the Peasy Scarf for my mom for Xmas  ( you can probably only access this though if you are on Ravelry)

Here is a picture of the scarf on Flickr:   Peasy Scarf  though the colours will be in this yarn

  Which i really hope my mom will like.  

Today I"m just staying home and doing stuff around the house. I really dont want to go out at all today and i have to out tomorrow so I want to look at my books and make up a shopping list for Michaels on the 20th!!!  Woohooo..I already warned D that if he is coming with me to stay out of my way!!!  I want to get enough yarn to keep me busy until Xmas.

I also found this for the Expedit for yarn storage at IKEA:) so I gotta see if there is a Michaels down by there so I can go and look at them in person on the same day I shop til I drop

or this
And then I will get some other not so pretty containers for excess yarn to be stored elsewhere.      

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(Deleted comment)
I did check but they didnt have colour available and I was really jonesing it...I checked some other sites and some other ebay sellers but this was the cheapest at 4.50/skein. But elann has some other yarn I'm going to order soon that I'm also swooning over..

LOL...I cant decide if its just the yarn and colours I love most or the actual knitting

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