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As of mid-November my journal has become Private.  Though any older entries can still be read for now. 

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Hi again,

We went to Walmart and saw the fan you mentioned. It was really nice but it didnt say if we could use it with sliding windows instead of the ones that open horizontally. Do you have vertical windows??


We have sliding windows that go both ways, and the fan works in both.

Alternatively, I was looking through the flyers tonight, and if you still wanted an A/C that is free-standing and doesn't go in the window, Canadian Tire has a 7,000 and 12,000 BTU A/C unit for sale that you just put on the floor. One of them doubles as a humidifier as well. If you go to Canadian Tire's web site you should be able to see the flyer online. They were around $549.

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