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As of mid-November my journal has become Private.  Though any older entries can still be read for now. 

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Hey, zen_girl!

I always see your interesting posts and comments in the Edmonton community and you seem like a really down-to-earth person. Would it be all right if I friended you?

Hey there:)

For sure!! I will friend you back too:) and thanks for the Fan tip...we're going to try and hit up Walmart this weekend if hubbys gets a work van...too far to bus it for

No problem about the fan. :-) I can't think of the brand name that was on the box, but it started with an "H". It also has an electronic thermostat on it (unfortunately in Fahrenheit only).

You can switch the rotation of the fan (there's two propellors) to pull the warm air out or to move the air in. It's not the quietest fan in the world, but it's not bad; it's just white noise to me.

Best of luck with the fan! We've been searching up and down for good ones... I'd love to get an A/C but the hubby isn't totally convinced we need one yet, heh. Doh. :-)

Hi again,

We went to Walmart and saw the fan you mentioned. It was really nice but it didnt say if we could use it with sliding windows instead of the ones that open horizontally. Do you have vertical windows??


We have sliding windows that go both ways, and the fan works in both.

Alternatively, I was looking through the flyers tonight, and if you still wanted an A/C that is free-standing and doesn't go in the window, Canadian Tire has a 7,000 and 12,000 BTU A/C unit for sale that you just put on the floor. One of them doubles as a humidifier as well. If you go to Canadian Tire's web site you should be able to see the flyer online. They were around $549.

I have a 10 year plan to move to Vancouver. Of course I was all about the marimekko in saucy_help.

Can I haz add plz?

So as not to clutter ullyeus's post in edmonton I am replying here!

Have you looked into any volunteer opportunities? Vue magazine always has several listed and they look interesting to me, at least.

Thank you!! I will look into that:) I would love to do some volunteer work:)

I Rav-stalked you to your blog!

Don't be nervous---I come in peace!

I like Peace:) lol...My first Rav-stalker

Hope you don't mind me commenting here - I saw your progress pix in the weight loss community and cant comment there as not a member. Just wanted to say I definitely see a difference (omg cheek-bones!)

Good work and good luck


Thank you!! I've been really happy about it all day:)

why have you removed me from your friends list Fi ? I just emailed you as well but thought I would come on here to ask whether this was an accidental mistake or not ?
H x

Uhm hi!

After that fun little bout in the cooking comm I'd love to add you to my f-list if that's okay?

I noticed you're also a yarn/fibre lover ;)

oh hai! :) i like bikes too

I'm not sure what it is about your "user" page, but your interesting facts are enough to spark my interest. I think men doing dishes is hot too. I added you, hope you don't mind.

Ack I suck! Happy belated birthday!

Dear Zen,
Just know that you are the only you...there is no matter a person's size..small or is what is inside of you. Your spirit, your heart your being, that is what anyone that is worth your while should focus on. Size may change but who you truly are will not and for that you should be embraced. If another cannot or will not embrace you for you....then are they really worth it? Sometimes people who are supposed to love's etc can truly hurt with their words. They may think they are helping us through..tough love or whatever...but you are you and always will be and if they love you enough they will accept you regardless of size or various differences....Embrace yourself,love yourself,love who you are and what you have to share with anyone else who is worthy of you. You are special and one of a kind and totally worth loving and acceptance. If they can't see it they are missing out....xooxo much love!!!!

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