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As of mid-November my journal has become Private.  Though any older entries can still be read for now. 

If i have any Edmonton friends on my list I'm looking for a Full time or Part time childcare position. I'm willing to get a current police/welfare check if the potential family reimburses me afterward 50% 

I'm great with children, I don't smoke or drink and I love children!   I'm carfree so they'd need to be on the busline and I'm fairly flexible with times/days


Woohooo!!! I actually transferred my moms hat sucessfully from circular needles to double pointed ones:) No mistakes either..

Yea Me! 

Calorimetry with icord
I'm still playing around with this and have done the tail part of the icord and then I cast on (a bit strangely) additional stitches and knitted and purled the first row.   I'm really hoping this will turn out.  Will post  updates of my progress and hopefully I can have this completed by tomorrow early evening at the latest.

My After Xmas Haul

My After Xmas Haul
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This is what I got today at the Yarn Store. The green yarn will be for a cabled scarf and the sock yarn will obviously be for socks but the rest I haven't decided what I'm making with it yet. I had fun going through the store to pick up some colours/yarn I normally wouldn't get like the Lopi and the Noro.

Also not pictured in the Holiday 2007 Edition of Interweave Knits which will be sent to neat_and_pretty after I look through it:)

Haha Willow just bit D's nose

Stash Busting!
Because I am getting itchy fingers and its not because of dry sking or creepy skin affliction I'm going to cast on for this today    I will use yarn already in my stash and hopefully it will be a good thing:) I've never knitted an i-cord before so this should be interesting.  

I think its snowing out but I haven't opened the curtains yet to check and its just after 10am.   I've been up for over an hour but just sitting around and enjoying the silence mostly.  

When D finally gets up I will go and start printing out patterns (already backed them up on my data flash drive) and then away I go:)  

Oh Damn! I have to return movies today too!! argh!

My day today
So  I bought my binder and page protectors at Office Depot and have already placed some printed off patterns in there. I need to redo the tabs I already had so they are in sections and such.  I actually, but most likely not, will be

We also ran to two stores and bought some hazelnuts for D and found my curry paste. We also ran out to a mall and picked up some things at Dollarama and a new tape measure for D at Home Depot.

I made the Turkey Biryani and either didnt do it right or what but I wasnt too thrilled with it...I will get it eaten up though so I'm not wasting food.

Watched a movie and we'll relax for the rest of the night..I will most likely pass out soon though as I'm tired and a bit bored. At least this will give D more internet time:)

And presents were given..and recieved:)
I went over this afternoon to give the older boys their xmas gifts.  The 3year old was napping the 5 year old, Natty, LOVED his snake scarf so I was very happy about that:)   Jodi loved her headwarmer and the runners one I knitted up for her husband,,that runs lol 
She also peeked at Isaacs Pink snake scarf and thought it was adorable.   

Their gift to me was awesome and very thoughtful indeed:)  : 50$ cash so D and I can do something together PLUS 50$ GC to my favorite LYS!  Plus a mix cd the family did of their favorite music for 2008 and some pictures of the boys and a yearly family letter they do.  

I also got Bonnie at the LYS a Tim Hortons GC as she has been helpful with the knitting stuff too.    

Now I'm making Thai food as its chilly and I'm hungry for warm comfort food:)   Yum!!

This is Pretty Cool:)
A lovely lovely person gifted me with a Gift certificate to which appears to be a really nice yarn site:) I'm seriously thinking of getting this yarn
Elann Sierra Aran    I'm just trying to decide on what colour(s) I'm leaning heavily towards the Garnet and Jaspter

Calorimetry Part 2

knitting 001
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Since I stayed home today but my hands were ok I knitted this while watching older episodes of Corner Gas and The Mummy Returns:) This is a gift for the mother of the two boys I watch..Just need to find the perfect button for it:)

I love how the Noro knitted up but it was a tangled mess for sure and if I ever use it again I will rewind it into a proper centre pull ball.


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